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    Professional Profile of KM Taj-Biul Hasan:

Career objectives:

Always try to work with the ability to use the power of the visual medium to create powerful positive emotional responses to influence the public attitude as because  a single picture is more power full than million of words.

Field of Competence:

Having 28 years professional experience on  Filmmaking and Television Program Production. Expertise on Research, Planning, Script writing, Direction & Cinematography. Conduct teaching programs on Filmmaking home & abroad.

Personal and Career information:

Mr. KM  Taj-Biul Hasan  is a filmmaker , Cinematographer and Researcher. He obtained his B.Sc. (Hon’s) in Zoology and M.Sc. degree in Fisheries from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and having scientific research papers on fisheries. Due to a lot of fascination on audio-visual media, he adopted himself with this profession and subsequently completed his Diploma in Photography (Dhaka) and Diploma in Filmmaking (New Delhi). In 1992 Mr. Hasan joined the Film and Publication Dept. of Bangladesh. Later on he switched over to Bangladesh Open University as an Educational Program Producer /Director and continued his service  there until his self-retirement in 2011. After leaving Govt. service, he joined as the Head of Audio-visual division of Drik Picture Library Ltd. the country’s most renowned audio-visual production providing organization. Now he is attached with Dhrupad Communication as a media consultant. So far produced; 135 Educational Television Programs as well as directed 03 TV fictions for BTV and made 25 documentaries till December 2019.. He loves to work on Environment, Human rights & human development issues. Mr. Hasan completed professional training courses from BBC (UK), BFDC (Dhaka), CENDIT (New Delhi), CEMCA (New Delhi), Deutsche Welle Television Training Centre (Berlin), DUPS (Dhaka) , NIMC (Dhaka), STOU (Bangkok) and NHK (Tokyo) on film and television program making.  A good number of his films got the most acclaimed international awards and appreciations.  Besides this being a researcher, he presented papers in the 28 International audio-visual media events around the world till December 2018 and has publications in the reputed international journals. He has also teaching experience in the Film-Television and Digital Media (FDTM) Dept. of Green University of Bangladesh, Biological  Science Faculty of  Dhaka University, International Academy of Film & Media(IAFM). Bangladesh Short Film Forum etc..So far he has visited many countries of Asia, Europe and Africa for his professional reasons.

Filmography :  

Significant Professional Achievements:

01. The Best Documentary: 10th CMS VATAVARN Environment International Film Festival-2019, New Delhi, India.

02. The Tokyo Docs (COA) Award -2019: Tokyo, Japan.


04. The Best Short Documentary: The 12th International Kuala lumpur Eco Film Festival–2019, Kuala Lumpur.

05. The Best Topic Award: The 3rd ASA International Humanitarian Film festival -2019, Weimar,Germany 

06.The Best Documentary Award in FFIFF - Film Frames International Film Festival -2019          ,Pune India

07. The Best Documentary Award: The 7th Annual DC South Asian Film Festival-2018, Washington, USA.

08. The Best Documentary Award: The 6th My Mumbai International Film Festival-2018, Mumbai,INDIA

09. Hoso Bunka Foundation Award:  NHK Japan Prize Competetion-2016, Tokyo ,Japan.

10 .The Best documentary Award:  XVII. Faludi Film Festival-2013, Budapest, Hungary..

11. National Federation of UNESCO Japan Prize winner: NHK Japan Prize Competetion-2013, Tokyo ,Japan.

12. National Federation of UNESCO Japan Prize winner: NHK Japan Prize Competetion-2010, Tokyo, Japan.

13. Silver Frame Trophy Award:  [In the Naturalistic Documentary Section] 5th Imperia festival-2010 Rome, Italy

14. National Federation of UNESCO Japan Prize winner: NHK Japan Prize Competetion-2007, Tokyo,Japan.

# Recent Interntional Presentaions:(2010-2018)

#   Speaker of the 'International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR)' 27-31 July 2016 (Paper Id: 11961) Leicester, UK .

#   Speaker of the '8th WEEC-2015 (World Environmental Education Congress)' 28-June to July 2015,(Paper id : 150604-1206) ,Gothenburg, Sweden.

#   Speaker of the'7th World Summit on Media for Children of 21st Century' in the session of Writing  Appealing Educational Program Proposal for Television on 07-11 September.2014, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

#   Speaker of the '7th WEEC-2013 (World Environmental Education Congress) 09-15 June 2013, Paper id –Thematic Niches -FES 6 , Casablanca ,Morocco .

#   Speaker of the “International Producer Conference for Educational Media ( IPCEM)” of NHK Japan Prize- 2013 from 21-26 October, 2013, Tokyo, Japan.

#  Speaker of the 10thyear Celebration forum of Educational TV Program of NHK Japan Prize -2012 from 18-22 October, 2012, Tokyo, Japan.

#  Speaker of 'Guide International Workshop' 18 – 19 March 2010  Rome, Italy.

#  Speaker of 'International Communication and Media Conferecne (i-COME’10)' Id: UUMCAS/S- 5  Malacca, Malaysia.

#  Speaker of the 'Six International Internet Education Conference, ICT-Learn-2007'(Paper code.20518) ,Cairo, Egypt.

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Employment History-:

1. Media Consultnat       : Dhrupad Communication (2014-Present)

2. Head of Audio-visual  : Drik  Picture Library Ltd . (2012-2014)

3. Program Producer/Director : Bangladesh Open Univeristy (1993-2011)


1. M.Tofazzal Islam, Ph D (AvH & JSPS Fellow) ,Professor -Department of Biotechnology        Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University ,Gazipur-1706 , Bangladesh         Cell: +88-0171-4001414 ,  

2. Dr. Md. Monjure –E khoda Tarafdar,TreasurerFareast International University (FIU) Dhaka    Ex-Registrar of Bangladesh Open University (BOU) Cell:+8801716066567

3. Prof. Dr. Sagir Ahmed ,Department  of  Zoology.The University of Dhaka. Bangladesh.          Cell:+88 01552422621. E-mail:

4. Dr.  Khandoker  Azizul Islam , Joint Secretary Ministry of ICT Government of Bangladesh.  Agargaon , Sher –E- Bangla Nagar , Dhaka ,Bangladesh.  Ph: +880 1711707421                                    E-mail :


Personal information:

Father’s name      :   Mr. Abdul matin

Mother’s name    :   Mrs. Shaleha Khanum

Name of Spouse  :   Mrs. Shyfoon Naher

National ID  no     :  370 416 17755

Name of daughter  01        :    Ms. Novera Hasan Nikkon

Name of  daughter 02         :   Ms. Nandita Hasan Nandini

Contact & Mailing Address:

DCC-1078 Ibrahimpur, Dhaka Cant.Dhaka-1206,Bangladesh

Ph: +880 1914898535(cell) and +88 02 8714114 (Res.)


Facebook link:

  • Year : 2019

    Best Documentary Award

  • Year : 2019

    Tokyo Docs

  • Year : 2019


  • Year : 2019

    Best Short Documentary Award

  • Year : 2019

    Tokyo Docs Winner

  • Year : 2019

    Best Documentary Award

The Girls are not Birdes (Trailer)

Real life documentary on the issue of early child marriage and combined with successes stories of some girls, those who have stood up against child marriage and ultimately succeeded and established themselves in the society.
Full HD (1080p). 28 min, Bangla (With English subtitle).
Produced by: © Dhrupad Communication, Bangladesh.
World premiere was held in NHK Broadcasting centre, Tokyo, Japan .
Festival Awards:
01. The Best Documentary Award in the 7th Annual DC South Asian Film Festival-2018, Washington, USA.
02. The Best Documentary Award in the 6th My Mumbai International Film Festival-2018, Mumbai ,INDIA
03. The Best Topic Award 3rd ASA International Humanitarian Film festival -2019 , Weimar ,Germany

Festival appearance:
01. Official Nomination in the CHICAGO South Asian Film Festival-2019 USA .
02. Official Nomination in the 2nd South Asian Film Festival-2019 , Kolkata, India .
03. Official nomination in the 3rd London Bengali Film festiva-2018. London UK,
04. Official nomination in the 24th International Festival of Local Televisions-2018, Slovakia.
05. Official selection in the 5th International Documentary Festival , Lerapetra-2018 ,Greece.
06. Official nomination in the Women Of The Lens Festival-2018, London UK .
07. Official selection in the 12th edition of River Film Festival-2018 ,Padova, Italy.
08. Official Nomination in the 21st Olympia International Film Festival-2018 , Greece.

Education on the Boat- A New Hope for Tomorrow

This film is on climate adaptation issue. How the people of Northeastern regions of Bangladesh is dealing with the climatic adverse condition of ‘Cholon Beel’, the biggest wetland of this region through some innovative techniques to promoting education, all basic human needs as well as conserving the environment and at the same time, to lift people out of poverty in any given situation within the least cost effective manners.

Festival Awards:
01. The Best Short Documentary:12th International Kuala lumpur Eco Film Festival–2019
02. Special Jury Award : International Moving Film Festival -2019 ,Iran
03. The Best Documentary: 10th CMS VATAVARN Environment & Wildlife International Film Festival- 2019, New Delhi, India.

Festival Nominations:

01. Finalist: The 15th We The Peoples Film Festival 2019 ,London ,UK
02. Finalist: International Film Festival of Cinema & Sea-2019 , Sidi Ifni ,Morocco
03 .Official Nomination :The HOBOKEN International Film Festival–2019 New York ,USA .
04. Official selection: spudFILM: WASTED-Environmental Film-2019 Hampshire ,UK
05. Official Nomination : Knivfest-Knaiv International Film festival -2019 ,Ukraine
06.Official Nomination : The Village DOC Film Festival–2019 ,Milan ,Italy .
07. Official selection : Philadelphia Environment Film Festival -2019 USA.
08. Official selection : 12 International Tourism Film festival -2019 ,Latvia
09. Official selection : Inshort Film Festival -2018 .Lagos
10. Official selection : EduDoc-2018: Stories of Education ,New Delhi ,India
11.Winner of “Silver Frame” Trophy [In the Naturalistic Documentary
Section] The 5th Video Festival Imperia ,Rome

The Flask

It is a true story of a little street tea boy Emon, who is only 10 years of old. He wants to be educated but the reality is not to his favor. Thus, education is only a dream for him or not ?

Let there be Light

Winner of “ National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan Prize-2013”

Caste discrimination remains one of the most severe and forgotten human rights abuses of the twenty-first century. More than 260 million people worldwide experience discrimination based on their caste live a life in hopeless & miserable poverty and this has been going on for centuries. Education seems to be a dream for them from generation to generation. It is story of a young girl named Sima Rani, who was born in such a community those who have been neglected and discriminated against by mainstream society due to a stigma “untouchable” ,She is the first ‘Dalit” girl of her community. who has already passed grade 12 and dreams to become a lawyer. In her child hood, Sima started her education in a primary school just outside of her local area by hiding her original identity. She has lot of painful experiences on her way to education.. She was not frustrated; she tried her level best to overcome the entire situation by different means. Sima Rani’s courage and achievements has already made her an icon and role model of all caste discrimination communities. This is persuading her community for education. This is significant.

Produced by: © Dhrupad Communication- Bangladesh. 2013.

(i) Winner The National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan Prize-2013”
(ii) 71 Television ( A satellite TV Channel of Bangladesh)
(iii) NHK world Service, Japan.2014
(iv) Official Nomination in 6th My Mumbai International Short Film Festival-2018 ,INDIA.
(v) Official Nomination in The Lift Off Session Festival -2018 ,UK.

The Light of Life

Winner of “ National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan Prize-2010”

It is story of a poor handloom worker named Mr.AkbarAli, who works to promote education in his village in voluntary measures. In Bangladesh, literacy rate is the lowest among the developing countries. His continues motivational effort has indirectly changed the total social scenario. Only education can change everything.

Produced by: © Dhrupad Communication- Bangladesh. 2011.

(i) Winner of The National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan Prize-2010.
(ii) Official nomination for 9th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival-2013 ,,Qatar
(iii) NHK world Service, Japan.2011
(iv) Official selection of the 14 International Film Festival-2012 at Patras city – Greece
iv) Bangladesh Television (BTV
(vi) Official Nomination in The Lift Off Session Festival -2018 ,UK.

Lalbagh Fort –A signature of Mughal relic

The Lalbagh Fort or Fort Aurangabad, an incomplete Mughal palace fortress in Old Dhaka. The construction of the fort was commenced in 1678 AD by Prince Muhammad Azam during his 15 month long vice-royalty of Bengal, but before he could complete the work he was recalled by Aurangzeb. His successor, Shaista Khan did not continue the work, though he stayed in Dhaka up to 1688. His daughter Bibi Pari (Lady Fairy) died here in 1684 and this led him to consider the fort to be ominous. It is located on the banks of the Buriganga River on the outskirts of Dhaka, Lalbagh Fort offers a fascinating glimpse into the history of Bangladesh. This magnificent, but unfinished, 17th century Mughal palace fortress consists of a series of structures surrounded by lush lawns and cultivated gardens complete with a large collection of statues. Currently, the Archaeological department of Bangladesh is maintaining this Historical place. Almost 3 million people visit this place every year.

Produced by: © Dhrupad Communication- Bangladesh. January 2014.

Screening/Awards :
(i) Aljazeera Television Qatar , ATN NEWS Ltd. & MyTV (Bangladesh)
(ii) Official Selection in the 11th International Tourism Film festival "TOURFILM , Portugal

Jalani Nirapotta Shorbochcho Agradhikar

Jalani Nirapotta Shorbochcho Agradhikar is a sequential history of Bangladesh petroleum Corporation (BPC) and the latest information of petroleum sector till December 2015.

Produced by: © Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources of Bangladesh and BPC, June 2015 with the technical & aesthetic support of 'Dhrupad Communication.

Screening: BTV and The National fair of Power, Energy and Mineral resources-2015

To Save a life

It is a film on Safe Blood Transfusion .How the people would be motivated on self-blood donation practice ? As because there is no alternate of blood.

Produced by: © Quantum Foundation. Bangladesh, 2007.

Screening: (i) BBC Channel 4 (UK) (ii) Bangla Vision

Digital Education in Bangladesh -Present & future

Digital Innovation Fair-2010 at Bangabandhu Novo Theatre, Dhaka from 04-06 March 2010.A documentary on Modern Education Planning of Bangladesh Government.

Produced by: © Bangladesh Open University. March 2010.

Screening: BTV & The National Digital Innovation Fair -2010-

Amrao Achi Shobar Shathe ( Activities of DISA)

A corporate film on a NGO

Jatio Unnoune Umrao Ek Goti Shakti

Jatio Unnoune Umrao Ek Goti Shakti' is a documentary film on Meghna Petroleum Limited, a subsidiary company of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation. In this film; the history of the company as well as the achievements has been described chronologically.

Produced by: © Mehgna Petroleum Limited - Bangladesh,July 2015 by the technical & aesthetic support of Dhrupad Communication.

Screening: The National fair of Power, Energy and Mineral resources-2015

Krishibari agro firm

A short description and primary out line of "Krishibari- Agro Industrial Park" at Savar , Dhaka ,Bangladesh

Shobar Upor Shodesh

A complete informative documentary film on "Jamuna Oil Company Ltd." a subsidiary company of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation. The full chronological history of the company and achievements up to present has been described in this film.

Produced by: © Jamuna Oil Company Limited - Bangladesh, November 2015 by the technical & Aesthetic support of Dhrupad Communication.

Screening: The National fair of Power, Energy and Mineral resources-2015

The Best Documentary Award winner in the 6th My Mumbai International Film festival -2018

Third time receiving the UNESCO NHK Japan Prize award 2013, Tokyo, Japan.

Speaking in the IPCEM round-table discussion in the NHK Centre, Tokyo.

I am in the World Education Summit-2012,New Delhi .India

Second time receiving the UNESCO NHK Japan Prize award 2010, Tokyo, Japan.

My practice on 20 July 1987 with a 35mm Russian SLR camera

A moment of answering the question of audience ......

NHK Japan Prize Award-2013 ,Tokyo, Japan

An exclusive interview with NHK Bangla Service ,Tokyo,Japan 2010

Hmmm..Check your production script.

Be careful in the trolley shot...

Let me take the shot

My student Ms.Jude Chehab from USA .Let me show how to fix it ...

My foreign student from USA to complete her intern film in Bangladesh, 2015

I am the winner of this moment ...............

Good research can ensure a perfect production..

Let us enjoy with some funny tales....

That's all this is the theme of my film ....

Let us preserve our heritage -Sonargaon by KM Taj-Biul Hasan

We want to forget it ....should not be in future.

Rome was not build in a day....Photo:KM Taj-Biul Hasan

Let us do some experiment with Digital body +Vintage lens.

My glamour practice in weeding time.

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Composition of photography in 1991 at Vhola ,Barishal

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